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So I started an incredible journey to get the information and knowledge I could find. And piece by piece, I get closer and closer, but I know the door is not the end. This is just the beginning.

Even when I found what I was looking for, I knew what it was. And when I finally realized what I found, it was like discovering the key to the universe, but I did not know where the door was, I just knew it was basic knowledge and to find the door, to learn how to see it..

Then you need to create ways to effectively and efficiently distribute the perfect education to all who need it. There is a lot of incomplete information and knowledge that cannot be taught. This lack of information and knowledge creates a dysfunctional brain. Every problem caused by humans on earth is a direct result of inadequate and inadequate education. Whatever you do in your life, knowledge will always be in something that will be useful.

Plato founded the academy in Athens, the first higher education institution in Europe. Founded in 330 BC, the Egyptian city of Alexandria became the successor of Athens as the spiritual cradle of ancient Greece. The Grand Library of Alexandria was built there in the 3rd century BC..

There is a huge difference between “thinking that you will finally decide for yourself” and “striving for knowledge”. One expects to know and may never know, so he always struggles with the unknown, while the other tries to learn and probably knows and learns, so he gets rid of the struggle with the unknown. To create a holistic education, it is first necessary to determine what a perfect education should be. Then you need to create good teaching methods to study higher education. Next, you need to create smart ways to measure and test to confirm that higher education is fully understood..

The various states of the Republic of India conduct compulsory schooling for 12 years on the basis of national curricula developed by the National Council for Educational Research and Personnel. Then With the fall of Rome, the Catholic Church became the only defender of grammar scholarships in Western Europe. The church established cathedrals as centers of advanced education in the early Middle Ages.

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Wild children dreaming of the sun grow up on earth with spirits capable of creating minds good future. “Success is finding an educational path that helps us achieve the goals we are interested in.” Quotes about life.

Secondary education in the United States appeared before 1910, when large companies appeared and factories needed advanced technology, skilled workers. To meet the demand for this new workplace, secondary schools have been created with a practical work-oriented curriculum that best prepares students for white-collar or specialist blue-collar jobs. This has been beneficial for both employers and employees, as improved human capital has reduced costs for the employer, while skilled workers have higher wages. In India, for example, compulsory education is eight years with eight years of primary education, five years of primary education and three years of secondary education….

European cultures faced the collapse of literacy and organization after the fall of Rome in 476. Formal education is usually formally divided into stages such as pre-school or kindergarten, primary school. school, high school and then college, university or apprenticeship. Keep your kids wild – don’t raise them too fast. Let them spend their days in the sun using their imagination.

You usually locate, learn, or locate using research or other action. Receive instant information about situations, situations, emotions or feelings. Most of my old notes are outdated, but I keep them to remind me how to do it I felt it years ago and how my thoughts have changed over time. Some quotes are not effective enough to convey your thoughts or ideas. I was always looking for something, but I was never sure what I was looking for.

Some of these institutions eventually became the ancestors of medieval universities and many modern universities in Europe. During the Middle Ages, Chartres Cathedral ran the famous and famous Chartres Cathedral. Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest university ever to operate. In China, Confucius of Lu (551-479 BC) was the country’s most important ancient philosopher, and his educational worldview continues to influence its neighbors, such as China and Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. . Confucius gathered his students and searched in vain for a ruler who would accept his ideals of good governance, but the “Analysis” was written by his followers and continues to influence modern education in East Asia…